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Keith Keller
Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, Artist, Architect & Social Activist

Mr. Mohanty

Arch Pattnaik Ompriya Mohanty, who was brought up in rural tribal town called Muniguda, Koraput, Odisha, a serial entrepreneur, a sustainable architecture specialist, 2 times TEDX Speaker, since 2012 he has been driving multiple social enterprise initiatives to empower the youngsters especially orphans, underprivileged children through his social enterprise “Chrysalis Foundation for self expression” , women & men, LGBTQ and marginalised communities in the bottom of the pyramid (societal hierarchy) through his sustainable fashion, lifestyle, shoes, biodegradable toys and home decor brand in London, (www.pencilforchange.com)!

He is currently engaged in Pencil For Change, social and environmental conscious AI platform that will help people manage their health and wealth by cutting medicine, food & other waste.

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"Pursuing the noble goal of decarbonizing our built environment, with a resolute commitment to curbing the current carbon emissions by 37% and achieving net-zero emissions by 2050."

“Empowering you and our beautiful planet with sustainable prosperity 💰 through our unique, socially and environmentally conscious waste-to-wealth financial modeling.

Certainly, transforming a cluttered and chaotic room into an oasis of orderliness is no small feat. However, with unwavering determination and a systematic approach, it’s entirely achievable. We are dedicated to aiding countless individuals in achieving self-sufficiency by maintaining clean, organized spaces and harnessing the potential of waste to generate wealth.

A sustainable living environment, complete with a welcoming bed and clutter-free floor, not only instills happiness and structure into your life but also imbues it with a positive transformation.”

Waste to Wealth

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“We began as a “waste-to-wealth” enterprise, encompassing sustainable architecture, interior design, building execution, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare, home decor, and healthy food products. Our mission was to turn waste into a valuable resource, perpetuating its circulation and generating wealth while consciously managing it to foster a more robust circular economy and a sustainable future.

Today, our exclusive subscription and bidding platform extends its transformative power to support elderly individuals in their homes, addressing their complex needs, and aiding young people in managing mental health concerns. We achieve this by decluttering, reorganizing, and enhancing their living spaces, ultimately creating a more habitable and uplifting environment.”

"Art and architecture hold the keys to our liberation! Set your imagination free to envision the extraordinary and embrace the unimaginable."

“The Art of Consciousness, the Art of Science, and the Art of Technology.”

“Pencil for Change, an NGO with a unique acronym: N – Nothing, G – Gets, O – Overlooked. At Pencil for Change, our mission is to create a world where all can coexist harmoniously. Rather than fixating on a singular issue, our drive is to take action across a spectrum of concerns, spanning from poverty to climate change. All of this coalesces into a singular purpose – ‘TO BRING CHANGE,’ challenging stereotypes of masculinity through sustainable luxury and the harmonious integration of cultural heritage.”

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