Tree 🌳 provide habitats for numerous species of fauna and flora



Nearly auction-ready! While traversing the globe, foreign coins πŸͺ™ become our universal currency, allowing us to transact, trade, and uncover values that span from cents to pennies, centimes to ore, paisa to kopeck, piastre to sen, luma to rappen, kurus to khoums, agora to centavo. Legally acknowledged by United Nations member states, there are 180 recognized currencies, each telling a unique tale.

In this interconnected tapestry, where a Paisa (Indian coin) signifies access to clean water, pence embodies the very air we breathe, and cents equate to sustenance and shade for humans, animals, and plants alike, a profound unity emerges. Every coin, from cent to penny, becomes a symbol of shared value. The global coins, represented by each leaf on the “Tree 🌳,” weave a narrative of interconnectedness. They transcend boundaries, creating a world where the exchange of one with another holds equal significance.

In this harmonious vision, the “Tree 🌳” stands as a cornerstone, providing habitats for diverse fauna and flora, firewood for sustenance, materials for construction, and serving as places of spiritual, cultural, and recreational importance. Its cumulative value extends into the millions of dollars, illustrating the profound worth encapsulated in a single tree on 🌏. However, this value is under threat as these invaluable resources are lost to alternative uses like agricultural expansion, urbanization, and mining activities.

Regrettably, human activities, particularly since 1960, have accelerated deforestation, casting a shadow on natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate stability. This trend has led to unpredictable shifts in weather and climate patterns worldwide, posing a severe environmental concern. The consequences include the loss of biodiversity, disruptions in the water cycle, damage to natural habitats, and soil erosion. It’s a plea for collective action to safeguard the invaluable treasures that trees represent in our interconnected world.

Fabric Type

Cotton, Velvet, Suede, Chenille, Cotton Print


Ash Grey, Coco Walnut, Dusky Biege, Khaki, Lime Green, Slate Grey

Leg Finish

Coco Walnut, Warm Cedar


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