Apartment Deep Cleaning, Gold


Bathroom and kitchen deep cleaning | Vacuuming and shampooing | Utensil reorganisation

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What’s included?

– Cleaning of commode, wash basin, geyser, mirrors and fittings
– Stain removal on tiles

– Cleaning of slab, wall tiles, hob, and exteriors of appliances like microwave and chimney
– Utensil reorganising

Full Home
– Floor cleaning
– Dry vacuuming and wet shampooing of upholstered furniture
– Up to one 5-seater sofa
– 1 mattress
– 1 carpet of upto 50 sq ft
– 5 dining chairs

– Dusting and cobweb removal
– Cleaning of tables, wardrobes, cupboards, doors, windows, mirrors, exhaust fans, and ceiling
– Cleaning of balcony and utility area

What’s not included?

– Cleaning of hard and old stains

– Cleaning of appliances from the inside

Full Home 
– Wall shampooing
– Cleaning of chandelier and terrace
– Removing of paint marks and glue marks
– Dismantling and cleaning of any fixture or appliance

Equipment and material used:

– Branded, industry-grade, and safe chemicals

– Single disc machine for best-in-class cleaning experience

Things to note:

– Cabinet and wardrobes should be emptied by the customer in case of interior cleaning

– Sufficient water supply for seamless cleaning is needed

– Unreachable and unsafe places such as windows will be cleaned to the best of an arm’s reach

– Fountain, garden, lawn, and roof are not included


Q. What will happen if there is no electricity at my home during the service?
A. In such cases, customers can reschedule the service with the help of Livspace’s customer care.

Q. Do I need to leave my house during the cleaning process?
A. No. You can stay at home.

Q. Will any additional room get cleaned in this service?
A. Yes. However, extra room cleaning will incur extra charges.

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