Cockroach, Ant and Pest Control – 1 BHK Apartment


Safe, strong and odourless chemicals used | Obtrusion-free | 2-session treatment


Equipment and Material Used:

– Branded and industry-grade safe chemicals

What’s included?

– Odourless chemicals for getting rid of cockroaches, spiders and ants
– Two visits
– The first visit includes application of government-approved, best-in-class pesticide
– The second visit includes application of odorless semi-solid gel

What’s not included?

– Removal and placing back of utensils from trolleys and cabinets

Things to note:

– Please provide stool, ladder or chair to our partner wherever required
– The utensils would be removed only if ‘Utensil Removal Add-on’ is availed
– The utensils shall not be placed back as the chemicals applied takes 2-3 hours to dry
– Occupants need not vacate the house


Q. What safety measures should I follow?
A. You are advised not to touch any sprayed surfaces till the spray dries up. Once the chemical dries up, do not wash the surface with water or soap. Use a dry cloth to clean the surface.

Q. Is the service safe for my children and pets?
A. Yes, the service is safe for children and pets. However, it is advisable to keep children and pets away from sprayed surfaces until the surface dries up.

Q. Why do I need the 2nd visit?
A. The 2nd visit enhances the effect of the service by targeting hidden cockroaches, pests and pest eggs.

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