Chimney Deep Cleaning


Sofa and cushions deep cleaning | Dry Vacuuming, Scrubbing and Wet Vacuuming of fabric.


What’s included?

– Cleaning, degreasing, and stain removal of one chimney’s exteriors
– Cleaning of filter and mesh/baffle using grout brush
– External polish of the chimney exterior

Equipment and material used:

– Branded, industry-grade, and safe chemicals

Why Livspace?

As India’s Most Admired Home Interiors brand, we are now expanding our expertise by bringing highly experienced, expert professionals to provide top-notch home services. Our Livspace Experts are selected after a thorough skill assessment. We ensure unmatched service quality with advanced technical training and code of conduct. Our experts strictly adhere to all COVID safety norms at all times.


Q. What will happen if there is no electricity at my home during the service?
A. In such cases, customers can reschedule the service with the help of Livspace’s customer care.

Q. Do I need to leave my house during the cleaning process?
A. No. You can stay at home.

Q. Will any additional room get cleaned in this service?
A. Yes. However, extra room cleaning will incur extra charges.

Choose an option

5 Sofa Seats + 5 Cushions, 6 Sofa Seats + 6 Cushions, 7 Sofa Seats + 7 Cushions, 8 Sofa Seats + 8 Cushions, 10 Sofa Seats + 10 Cushions


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